New Zealanders use Twitter to coordinate a country-wide Secret Santa

Heart gingerbread

Photo via Theo Crazzolara/Flickr (CC-BY)

Can we just move to New Zealand now?

For the sixth year running, the island country of New Zealand has a country-wide edition of Secret Santa, and it uses Twitter to match up participants. 

To play, Kiwis had to register on this website created by Sam Elton-Waters back in 2011 (the year after the gift exchange's debut). Once you sign up, you're partnered with a random Twitter user. You're then tasked with figuring out what your recipient would like as a gift, and sending it through the New Zealand Post. 

Registration is closed for this year, but you can still participate in the Christmas cheer vicariously through the #NZSecretSanta hashtag on Twitter. And the tweets Kiwis are tweeting about it are all just excellent.

Its first year, 200 people participated, but now nearly 2,000 people are involved. Considering there are roughly 4.7 million people in New Zealand, that's only a small fraction of the populace (.04 percent, in fact). Still, that's .04 percent more of a public, Twitter-based Secret Santa than we've got in the U.S.—and another reason to love New Zealand. 

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