Late Night Snap Hacks is here to make your Snapchat look way cooler

late night snap hacks

Screengrab via Late Night Snap Hacks

Why hasn't anybody thought of this before?

Snapchat may have initially been created to show of your naughty bits but the platform has since been co-opted to show off just how turnt you are. Stories have turned into glorified ads for summer festivals and it feels like every single night, you've got a friend hitting the town. But what if you just want to lie in bed and also lie to your friends?

Enter Late Night Snap Hacks, a website devoted to making you look cool no matter what boring shit you've got planned that evening. The site, which was developed by mattress company Casper, offers up 10 different scenarios for you to snap—music and video included. You could make it seem like you're so wasted all you can see is a disco ball, or a crosswalk, or the back of some rando's head.

More conventional options include dance halls and festival crowds. Other than that, the site doesn't have a whole lot to offer. I've got no idea what the hell I liked when I hit the Facebook widget in the upper righthand corner. Clicking on the Casper logo naturally takes you to the Casper website. I hear their mattresses don't suck.

Anyone with a little bit of coding knowledge and some stock video footage can create a knockoff Late Night Snap Hacks. Casper just happened to do it first. Now, go forth and fool your friends lest you embrace the alternative and post no footage in favor of actually enjoying your life on your own terms.

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