Here's every neat font trick you can do on Twitter and Facebook

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This text converter is about to change the way you use social media.

With only 140 characters, Twitter can be limiting. That was until a product manager at the company, Isaac Hepworth, astounded the Internet Wednesday with a single tweet.

With the link that Hepworth later shared, anyone can tweet in different fonts, bold, and italics. The converter changes plain text to obscure letters from Unicode. And a user can simply cut and paste the results.

So, go ahead. Check out the converter and all of its many shapes and sizes. The converter also apparently works on Facebook.

You've got plenty of options:


Alas, there is not a Comic Sans option yetโ€”but one can hope.

It's worth noting that this all depends on your browser's Unicode support. Otherwise, the special characters show up as empty squares:

Photo via Steve Garfield/Flickr

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