4 easy ways to repost on Instagram

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It's easier than you think.

There are only two ways you can share someone’s Instagram post using the app, and neither one is particularly compelling. You can share an image using Facebook’s Messenger app or by sending the post as an Instagram message to specific users on your Following list. 

But what if you want more than one person to see it? Both of those methods can get tedious if you want to share the image with more than 10 people. If that's the case, here are other ways you can quickly and more efficiently repost photos and videos on Instagram.

1) Use a reposting app

Whatever the task at hand, you can rest assured that there’s an app for it. For reposting Instagram photos and videos, you can use services like the aptly named InstaRepost or Repost for Instagram. Both work the same way: First, you launch Instagram. Once you find the photo or video you would like to repost, tap the three-gray-dots icon on the upper-right corner of the post.

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Choose the option “Copy Share URL.”

The repost app you’ve installed will automatically detect that you copied a post URL and make it available either on the spot—while giving you options to repost ASAP or save for later—or when you launch the repost app.



The great thing about using reposting apps is that it preserves the original author and their caption, making it easy for you to give credit where it's due.

2) Take a screenshot of the post

If you’re running out of space on your device for yet another app, you can go the manual route and capture the post using your device’s screenshot option.

If you have an iOS device, you take a screenshot by simultaneously hitting the home and power buttons. While the process may vary depending on your Android device, taking a screenshot can usually be achieved by hitting the volume down and power buttons at the same time.


Once you’ve taken your screenshot—by now, it should be clear that this repost option may only be used for photos, not videos—you can repost it in Instagram by selecting it from your gallery. (Be responsible, though: Make sure the original author’s username is included in the frame.)

You can apply your own filter if you want and type up your own caption (since the original caption probably didn’t fit during the cropping process). It’s a good practice to either type the original caption from memory or mention the author’s username at the end of yours. Tag the original photo owner in your post to really cover all bases.


3) Copy-paste a post's Share URL

This option doesn’t really let you repost an Instagram post within Instagram, but it does let you repost—both photos and videos—on other social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. You should already know how to get a post’s Share URL (see above), but just in case you’ve forgotten, you can get this by going to the post you like and tapping on the three-gray-dots icon on the upper-right corner of the post. You should get a notification from Instagram that the link has been successfully copied onto your device’s clipboard.


Head to your social media platform of choice, long press on the text space and paste the link. 


Doing so on Facebook should generate a tiny preview of the post.


With this way, you don't have to worry about crediting the author, since you’re already linking to their post. Just add a caption and post!

4) Use a post's embed code 

Would you like to repost an Instagram post on your blog or website? You can do so on your computer by using a post’s embed code. Head to Instagram.com and find a post you’d like to share. Click on the three dot icon on the lower-right corner of the post and choose Embed.


You have the option of including the original caption in your repost; uncheck the box if you’d like to remove it. Click on the “Copy Embed Code” button.


Go into your blog and paste the embed code where HTML is accepted. The example below shows what the code would look like in Blogger's Compost Post page, under HTML view.


The post’s placeholder should automatically populate when you revert to visual mode. 


If your blog platform has a preview option, use it to see what the Instagram post will look like before publishing.


Need more Instagram advice? Here’s our guide on how to manage multiple Instagram accounts like a boss.  

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