Grammar snobs, rejoice! Your iMessage sticker pack is here

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It's the first compelling reason to upgrade to iOS 10.

Have you ever protested the express lanes at a grocery store for their “10 items or less” signage? Have you contemplated probation time for vandalizing annotating missing apostrophes on signs in a national park? Does your eye twitch a little when someone misuses “your” and “you’re”?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, first of all, let’s be friends. Secondly, it’s time to upgrade to iOS 10.

In its latest operating system update for the iPhone, Apple introduced new features like stickers and apps for iMessage. The result is a Facebook Messenger-esque platform that’s ripe for third-party development. And earlier this week, John Haney introduced Grammar Snob, a package of stickers that will warm the cockles of your blue-pen-loving heart.

The sticker pack includes a wide assortment of fixes for common grammar and style mistakes in a handwritten red font that will clarify exactly how pedantic you’re being with your friend. Suggest fixes for “expresso” and “literally,” set people straight on “to”/“two”/“too,” or simply scribble out unnecessary words, phrases, and punctuation.

I’m not sure “#grammared” is ever going to take off, but regardless, there’s plenty to work with here. And hey, your friends will thank you later.*

*This is almost assuredly untrue, but you can always start a career as a professional copyeditor instead.

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