MindRDR lets you take pictures with your brain using Google Glass

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Let Google into your brain. 

Google’s futuristic Glass headset is an undeniably interesting piece of tech, but if it’s just not quite “sci-fi” enough for you, perhaps you’d like to snap photos just by thinking about it? That’s the idea behind MindRDR, the creation of London-based design firm This Place. MindRDR is a brain-scanning app that can prompt Glass to capture images and share them based on your brain waves alone.

Normally Glass requires you to tap on it with your finger or provide voice commands in order to perform an action, but the MindRDR app cuts this out. It uses the Neurosky MindWave headset to turn your thoughts into input which Glass can identify. The downside, of course, is that you’re stuck wearing another bulky headset in addition to Glass.

Going about your day with Glass on your dome already elicits plenty of negative attention, and slapping some even bulkier headgear on top isn’t going to help. Of course, if you’re fine with wearing a $1,500 computer on your face, maybe it’s not all that big of a stretch.

Still, the payoff isn’t all that revolutionary. Brainwave input is already a consumer-level reality, and products like Mattel’s Mindflex games are arguably more impressive than what Glass and the MindRDR app can pull off.

The real benefit to the MindRDR app might be in offering disabled users a way to control a device like Glass without requiring touch or sound. Of course, This Place isn’t done working on the app, and the company plans to expand its scope with additional functionality.

H/T The Next Web | Screenshot via This Place

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