Man escaping wildfire watches his house burn to the ground on his iPhone

Building fire

Photo via Ada Be/Flickr (CC-BY)

The Internet of Things offers a tragic look at the Fort McMurray wildfire.

When James O’Reilly installed security cameras in his house of 20 years, he probably never dreamed he'd use them to watch his beloved home burn to the ground.

According to the The Star, the home that O'Reilly shared with his wife and pets in Fort McMurray was in the direct path of a brutal wildfire. Officials stated that the blaze had nearly doubled in size on Saturday, displacing tens of thousands of citizens.

The fire threatened the couple's home earlier in the week. O'Reilly and his wife had to evacuate with such little notice that they ended up leaving their pets behind. As they were driving away from the scene in their truck on Tuesday, O'Reilly checked on his home via iPhone. He'd installed security cameras for safety reasons.

Tragically, the cameras were put to a different type of use as the pair watched much of their worldly belongings go up in flames. Here is footage of the fire overtaking O'Reilly's home below, along with commentary from a certified Fire and Explosion Investigator, courtesy of The Star:

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H/T The Star
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