These are the first 9 things people will scan with Amazon’s Fire Phone

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We just can't help ourselves. 

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Amazon released its new Fire phone today, and netizens are all a-flutter over one of its new features: Firefly. To identify up to a whopping 100 million objects, simply press a button to receive information about the item, or share it with friends. Not only does it scan typical media offerings like books, movies, CDs, and art pieces, it scans barcodes, QR codes, phone numbers, URLs, and email addresses, too. Wanna get your hands on the latest content? Firefly also recognizes music and TV shows, allowing you to buy them directly from Amazon’s Marketplace.

Now that’s cool and all, but here’s what we think people will really scan once they get their hands on a Fire.

1) Their own hands 

Scan your hand. Because why not? You have to test this thing out somehow.

2) Jesus

Do you know someone who needs a little Jesus in their life? Scan a photo of the man upstairs and deliver Jesus right to their phone.

3) Themselves

Selfies will take on a whole new dimension. We wonder what kind of information it will give you about yourself.

4) Their cats

Who doesn’t love their cat? Scan your cat and purchase another kitty, or share your pretty feline with your friends. Or do it just because you’re there. And you cat’s there. It makes sense.

5) Presents 

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Your friends are cheap. But just how cheap are they?  When they give you your birthday present, you’ll be able to find out in no time after scanning it with your handy dandy new phone.

6) Animals

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You need more goat in your life. Amazon’s Firefly will help make this happen.

7) Haircuts


We all get a bad haircut once in awhile, but suffer no more! Scan your ideal haircut and you’ll never have to worry about a bad hair day again. We hope.

8) Potential dates


Out and about when you see a potential date? Give them a quick scan with your phone and their all yours for the night, if you’re lucky.

9) Inappropriate body parts

It’s a scientific fact that if you give a man a camera, he’ll take a picture of his parts. Give him a scanner and he’ll have a field day.

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