New Facebook Messenger update will actually tell you what to talk about

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Maybe someday Messenger will just talk to your friends for you.
Facebook Messenger is all about making it easier to talk your friends. To that end, the app will now actually tell you what to talk to your friends about. Wait, what? 

With its newest update, Facebook Messenger adds a new feature call "Conversation Topics," which is essentially a list of your friends, each tagged with a specific thing you could talk to them about. 

It sounds like a silly idea, but this isn't your normal "How's the weather?" conversation fodder: Facebook knows virtually everything about you already, so it mines that data to determine a suitable conversation topic. For example, it knows where your friends recently visited thanks to the magic of mobile location tracking. Messenger might suggest talking about that trip to the park they recently took, or a concert they attended. 
The app will even tap into the music your friends have been listening to in the hopes of sparking a pleasant exchange. It's equal parts cool and creepy, but it just might come in handy if you find yourself with some awkward Messenger silence. 

H/T TechCrunch

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