These are the friendship emoji that Snapchat really needs

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Illustration by Max Fleishman

Just a few suggestions to make our friendships that much sweeter.

There's almost no chat app shadier than Snapchat. Especially with the emoji that judge your friendships staring at you on the regular. 

When they first launched, the Snapchat emoji to signify different snapping relationships confused users everywhere, but we eventually got used to seeing the hearts, smileys, and birthday cakes pop up in our feeds. Though it might be difficult to keep track of their meanings, especially if you're not a Snapchat power user, acknowledging your best friendships and unbalanced relationships can be as entertaining as a snap itself. 

The official emoji mostly pictorially represent the relationships between users—best friends, new friends, sharing best friends, among others—but you can modify them to be whatever you want. 

If you tap into your settings and hit "Manage" then "Friend Emojis," you can customize the designations to any emoji. However, while the emoji change, the meaning doesn't.


Snapchat is missing an opportunity here. 

There is a whole world of emoji and so many beautiful, shady, loving, curious relationships on the app that could be represented. 

To reflect and honor some of these friendships that would not have blossomed without the help of an ephemeral messaging app, here is a list of emoji Snapchat should implement.

👐 : Your friend whose snap stories you purposely ignore

👀 : Your friend who watches all your stories but never makes one

💅 : Your friend who is constantly sub-snapping

🍺 : Your friend who only snaps when drunk

💆 : Your friend who only takes selfies

🆒 : Your friend whose snap stories don’t reflect their real life

💩 : Your friend who can never take good photo

💦 : Your friend who is way too thirsty

👵 : Your friend who hasn't quite figured Snapchat out yet

😇 : Your friend you know you shouldn’t be snapping but snap them anyway

🍆 : Your friend who uses Snapchat exclusively for sexting

🐶 : Your friend who overuses the puppy lens

🚽 : Your friend who screencaps all your snaps

😒 : Your friend who sees your snaps and never replies

🐸 : Your friend who is also Datboi 

🙈 : Your friend who never remembers WTF they snapped you so your replies makes zero sense

These suggested emoji shouldn't be confused with the emoji that appear when your favorite snapper is verified. DJ Khaled, for instance, has a key emoji signifying that his account is authentic. 

As our relationships change and mature on the platform that's surpassing Twitter in terms of growth, the emoji that reflect these social ties that bind us to our disappearing photos, videos, and chats should change with them. Because how else will you know to expect a drunken sext from your friend who hasn't figured out their story is public and screencaps all your selfies unless you have an emoji to remind you?

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