#dinnercam is a portable studio for food porn photographers on-the-go

Yes, the hashtag is part of the name. 

Today in Are You Effing Serious: A new product has debuted to help facilitate your Instagram food photos. It’s called #dinnercam, and yes, the hashtag is part of the name.

This portable “studio” comes courtesy of MWEB, an Internet provider in South Africa that’s partnered with El Burro, a restaurant in Cape Town, in order to showcase meals with proper lighting and a professional backdrop. According to their YouTube page, “the #dinnercam is part of a project exploring how Wi-Fi and the Web are changing everyday life in public spaces.” If you take a photo at El Burro with #dinnercam, you can instantly upload your magazine-quality shots and probably be the envy of your friends. Or make them unfollow you. 

Here's a #dinnercam shot to remind you your cocktail photos are basic without this contraption:

Once this gets to the States, we’re done for.

H/T PSFK Screengrab via MWEB/YouTube


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