Apple's newest ad, 'The Human Family,' is a touching tribute to diversity

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Screenshot via Apple/YouTube

Per usual, it will give you all the feels.
Apple is notorious for its advertisements that are often so moving or inspiring you forget that the company is trying to sell you a product. The Cupertino company delivered once again, debuting "The Human Family" ad this week set to run during the Olympics. 

The ad celebrates human kind, and features people of different races and cultures with photos and videos captured on iPhones. The ad is accompanied by a recording of Maya Angelou reading her poem "Human Family."

Apple's ad will roll out during the 2016 Rio Olympics, with the Opening Ceremony kicking off the games tonight. The Olympics, which is shaping up to be a confluence of disasters, is a celebration of global diversity, talent, and unity, and Apple's ad reflects that spirit in a one minute video.

The ad might also reflect Apple's efforts to be a more diverse, inclusive company. Earlier this week the company released diversity statistics that show Apple is making slight progress in hiring more candidates from underrepresented groups. Also this week, Apple's App Store broke company records, with the most money paid to developers in one month, CEO Tim Cook said

The ad might be inspiring, but don't go out and buy a new iPhone immediately. Apple is expected to launch its newest smartphone, the iPhone 7, later this fall.

H/T The Washington Post

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