Watch this 'Conan' commercial on the joys—and costs—of using AirPods

Conan iPhone AirPods commercial

Screengrab via Team Coco

It's funny, but will it also be reality?

By now, we know the iPhone 7 won’t have a headphone jack, meaning you’re going to buy the newest version of the phone and simply use wireless earplugs. Or, as they’re called, AirPods.

Sure, they look like ear cigarettes, but they’re much more expensive. If you lose your AirPods, you’re going to have to spend $159 to get a replacement pair. And you’ll probably end up having to reach into your wallet at some point, because it looks like it’ll be nearly impossible to keep those AirPods in your ears for all of your various music-listening activities.

That’s the genius behind the commercial that aired Wednesday on Conan. Take a look.

With these new Airpods, you can dance to your heart is overflowing with joy. If, that is, you can actually hear the music in your ears.
Apple's new ear cigarettes are for cool kids only
Apple theoretically removed the headphone jack on its new iPhone to save space for other components, but it has the added benefit of allowing the company to charge $160 bucks for its "wireless, effortless, magical" new AirPods earbuds .
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