It was all about doing it yourself on Pinterest this week.

Millions of pins are added to Pinterest every day. Statistics tracker Repinly keeps tabs on which pins prove to be the most repinnable. Each week, we comb its popular pins from the past seven days to see which quotes, photos, and DIY projects are hot on Pinterest right now. 

1) Caption: “DIY: 7 ways to get rid of dark circles, ANY type of scar, Stretch Marks. But will this work on scars from Siamese kitten bites?!” (original pin)

2) Caption: “When you have a cold, attach an empty tissue box so you don't have tissues all over the floor...” (original pin)

3) Caption: “Martha Stewart's recipe for homemade chalk board paint. Wow. And in any color! So much cheaper than pre mixed bottles.” (original pin)

4) Caption: “A little boy asked his mother, “Why are you crying?” “Because I’m a woman,” she told him... [story continues].” (original pin)

5) Caption: “Homemade Nightlight (wine bottle, glass gems, christmas lights) This is a great idea for even a bathroom light for at night.” (original pin)

6) Caption: “T-Shirt Quilts - good idea of how many shirts it will take.” (original pin)

7) Caption: “Stop the coughing at night and sleep-rub 4-6 drops of Eucalyptus oil on the soles of their feet. Thats more coughs. natural-remedies” (original pin)

Photos via Pinterest

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