Meet The Composites

Brian Joseph Davis turns characters from fiction into police-suspect sketches.

If you think that a picture of a character in a novel is worth a thousand words, you’ll want to check out The Composites.

This two-day-old Tumblr blog uses the same software police use to produce composite sketches of subjects to turn novelists’ descriptions of their characters into visual interpretations. Artist Brian Joseph Davis has already brought to life Humbert Humbert, Madame Bovary, and eight others.

“I bought a contemporary software program after my interest was piqued in vintage Identi-Kits (see below) and Police Composite Sketches of Literary Characters seemed like the perfect project for Tumblr,” Davis wrote on his blog today.

Davis encouraged viewers to submit ideas for new characters to include, along with relevant descriptive passages from the book.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Davis for comment. For now, we’ve collected a few of his sketches. Can you recognize these literary faces?

the composites
The magic behind The Composites—how one man brought your favorite literary figures onto the screen
Literary description only goes so far. What do the characters in great American novels really look like? Thanks to The Composites, a Tumblr dedicated to computer generated police sketches of literary characters, we’re finally getting an idea.
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