How to survive Mother Nature's wrath—and still look good. 

Hurricanes, earthquakes, riots, protests. It's been a busy month. We thought we'd bring you a little relief, Etsy style. We found these handicrafts and rarities on the DIY-inspired retail site, where sellers have a sense of humor and style.

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Today brought a tropical storm, 2 tornados, and an earthquake to the U.S.
May 10 was a great example of things coming in threes, as a tropical storm, tornado, and earthquake occurred in three different U.S. locations today. Perhaps someone told Mother Nature it’s Mother's Day?
8.3-magnitude earthquake hits off coast of Chile, Hawaii under tsunami watch
An earthquake measured at a magnitude of 8.3 hit off the coast of Chile on Wednesday evening. Officials issued a tsunami alert for the entire 2,400-mile Chilean coast, as people in those low-lying areas quickly began moving to higher ground.

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