If you want to discuss a stereotype you have about a special country or place in the world, head on over to Reddit where they're several steps ahead of you.

We’ve often talked about Reddit’s power as a social learning tool.

Now, users on the section’s public polling section, r/askreddit, are teaching one another about all about the world’s cultures -- one stereotype at a time.

“What is one TRUE stereotype about your country/state?,” redditor OBVIOUSLY_A_KARMA_WHORE asked earlier today, to which he or she received a good 6,000 comments.

The results are enlightening in the way that any great swath of a generalization (er, “true” stereotype) can be. Mainly, though, they’re just funny (and, potentially, offensive).


You'll never figure out what side of the road we drive on, because we don't know it either. -- chaddichor


We like to drink bitter, watch Rugby and sing. I for one have never shagged a sheep. Although I can't speak for every other Welshman, as some of those sheep are a proper tease. -- pooinmyloo


I'm drunk. Wanna fight about it? -- TheBossIsWathing


No government for like 400 days and nobody gives a fuck. -- IWasFrozen2Day

Rhode Island

I guess the one true stereotype about Rhode Island is that it's too insignificant to have developed a stereotype. -- farceur318


A while back, everyone got a sense of what a stereotypical Alaskan is like.
I can honestly say that while extremely unfortunate, nothing has been exaggerated.  -- CaptainBeBop

Still feeling a little ignorant? There are about 6,000 responses still awaiting your perusal.

Photo by garryknight

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