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YouTube sensation Rebecca Black released her new single today called “My Moment” and the Internet is buzzing. 


YouTube sensation Rebecca Black released her new single today called “My Moment” and the Internet is buzzing.

“My Moment” hit the Internet around 4 p.m. ET to a flurry of tweets. The term, “Rebecca Black” is now a trending topic worldwide on Twitter. In fact, tweets mentioning Rebecca Black were making up .35 percent of all tweets at 6:30 p.m. ET, according to Trendistic, which tracks Twitter trends. That translates to millions of tweets in just a few hours.

In fact, the term, “Rebecca Black” is now a trending topic worldwide on Twitter.

It’s not her first time in the Internet spotlight. Black catapulted to fame after her song “Friday” garnered attention for being, well, horrible. “Friday” saw more than 167 million plays on YouTube and was even covered by the hit show “Glee.”  But most people who saw it also made fun of it.

Reaction to Black’s new song is mixed. One user called the song “hilariously awful” and another said it just, plain “sucks.”

However, some are positive -- or at least semi-positive. Prpeep tweeted Black’s new song “is really not that bad.” Another user said it’s “surprisingly good.”

Some tweeters had a little fun with her new single: “That awkward moment when Rebecca Black doesn’t realize her “moment” was months ago,” OhWowThatsAwk tweeted. It was a nod to the numerous awkward memes perpetuated in her name after her Friday song.

Over on her YouTube channel, the feedback was  divided almost equally in terms of likes and dislikes. However, many of the comments were  juvenile retorts and remarks -- as one might expect on YouTube. The song was #4 in YouTube’s Most Discussed and #5 in Top Rated (Today) - Music section.

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