Is needling the next photo meme?

First planking, then owling, and now...needling? Sure.

A group of bored Seattle citizens created the new meme, which involves people folding their arms like city’s famed Space Needle. To battle the dreary Seattle weather, the group created needling to “disrupt Seattle’s weather doldrums with a little fun...” according to their Facebook page.

Users are encouraged to take their best needling pictures and submit to their actively growing Tumblr. The craze has reached as far as Boston’s Fenway Park and Adelaide, South Australia. The band OK GO even participated in needling and submitted revamped “Do The Needle” logo.

“Do The Needle” is active on Twitter and is trying to make #needling a trend. Right now, the account only has 84 followers and 237 fans on Facebook as the meme is still in its infancy.

This new meme has us wondering, what’s next? People imitating the Empire State Building?

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