Movie Barcode condenses famous films into single images

One of Tumblr's coolest projects cuts famous films into streaks of color that represent each frame.

Movie Barcode has been around since 2011, but with the Oscars rolling around, it's a great moment to look back at this Tumblr favorite that compresses each frame of a movie into a single line, then displays them together like colorful barcodes, giving each film its own indelible signature of color and light.

Can a color code enhance our understanding of a film? We think so. Take a look at some of our favorites and see if you agree:

1) The "Time to Die" monologue from Blade Runner

2) Raise the Red Lantern


4) Finding Neverland

5) The Old Man and the Sea

6) Title Sequence, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

7) The Man Who Planted Trees

8) Resident Evil

9) Drive

10) Jesus Camp

All images via moviebarcode/Tumblr

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