Macabre blog finds charm in gore

dark creepy
This creepy Tumblr will make you see red

Fans of horror movies, spooky pictures and creepy .gifs, rejoice! We’ve found your new favorite Tumblr.

The blog is called Cyhyraeth, which is a ghostly spirit derived from Welsh mythology. The three person team who compiles these ghostly pictures are teenagers Sarah, Sadean and Nate.

Nate is a 19-year-old Canadian who is a self-described people person and finds “truth in silence.” He runs is own blog called t-h-a-n-t-o-s, where he posts his own ecelctic group of pictures.

Sarah also runs her own blog called vomitbreath where collection of risque pictures and .gifs involve bloody corpses and pictures of flowers. The last member of the group is Sadean who posts an odd assortment of pictures on her personal site.

In our Dot Rankings, the trio’s blog is the 4th most reblogged and each post averages more than 125 notes.

Many, if not all, of their posts are reblogs from other sites that share similar scary interests. Tumblr has an active community if you’re into ghoulish treats as Cyhyraeth siphons content from EchoFromHell, PhyscoticPuke and YouMayKissTheCorpse, to name a few.

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