Also in today's Reddit Digest: The Great Gatsby opens today, so you know what all your friends will be talking about.

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Picture of the day: A periscope spots a Disney cruise ship. (r/BoatPorn)

Hottest subreddit: r/NewsCrowd (3 days)

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The top 10 Pinterest hoaxes—debunked
Don’t believe everything you see on Pinterest. While it can be tempting to see the site as one big window-shopping experience, not everything pinned can be bought. Some pins are simply too good to be true.
hyperbole and a half
Hyperbole and a Half is a book, and "Alot" of us can't wait
Webcomic Hyperbole and a Half may not have been updated since 2011, but it’s still going strong. Without so much as a whisper from its main blog, Hyperbole’s upcoming book adaptation is already at No. 10 on Amazon’s comic bestseller list—and that’s just from preorder sales.
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