hungover owl
This Tumblr features owls that look hungover.

Did you ever notice that owls look like they’re perpetually hung over? No? Look at this Tumblr.

The masterminds behind Hungover Owls seem to have no shortage of disgruntled birds of prey. Nor are they lacking for followers.

The idea is simply brilliant and brilliantly simple: each post is one photo of an owl with a caption such as “If you need me, I’ll be muttering vague threats into my keyboard for the next six hours.”

Hungover Owls started July 2010 with “Ohmygodshutthefuckup. Jesus shit,” and recently turned a whole year old, which is quite impressive for a single topic tumblog.

So there’s plenty of posts to explore in the archive, or you can spend a few hours giggling at this

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