The Morning GIF: Hercules is disappointed

Hercules is Disappointed
Actor Kevin Sorbo's legendary reaction GIF now has its own Tumblr, dedicated entirely to disappointing things. 

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Even a demigod can have a bad day.

And actor Kevin Sorbo, who played the title role in the syndicated TV series Hercules: the Legendary Journeys, was having just such a day.

Playing not Herc himself, but Alternate Universe Hercules (you can tell from the goatee), Sorbo made a classic actor’s mistake. Instead of reading “Disappointed” as an instruction on how to convey the emotion in the line “Wait a minute, this isn’t my world,” he read it out loud as dialogue.

In fact, he put everything he had into it, as the YouTube will attest. That is about the most disappointed demigod we’ve ever seen, in fact. A decade and a half or so later, the clip made TMZ, then Tumblr, and shortly thereafter it became a GIF.

In fact, it has its own Tumblr, dedicated entirely to disappointing things, postscripted by the Hercules reaction GIF. It’s the new White People Problems.

There’s nothing in the fridge? DISAPPOINTED!

Disappointed was taken as a URL? DISAPPOINTED!

But our personal favorite is this version, which has been painstakingly split into syllables, like an old-timey sing-along.

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