There isn’t much NBA fans wouldn’t do for free tickets, and Milwaukee Bucks forward Drew Gooden put this theory to the test.

Before Monday night's game against the Chicago Bulls—the team Gooden played for in 2008—the 31-year-old asked fans to tweet a photo of their Bulls jersey in the toilet for a chance to win free game tickets. 

The result was exactly what Gooden expected: more than 260 people retweeting the message and at least three sending photos of their jerseys stuffed down a toilet.

The winner was Zach Krupp, who had no problem getting his Kirk Hinrich dirty.

“Of course the day i said im gonna stay at school all day and work on my papers I win bulls tickets.. guess thats good bad luck?” Krupp tweeted after winning. “IM ON ESPN CHICAGO cause of twitter!!! wow my twitter name might actually be on Espn tonight! I hope so they should hook me up with a little postgame interview haha im on my way.” 

The Bucks ended up narrowly beating the Bulls 93-92. Gooden celebrated the best way he knew how. On Twitter.

hahahahaha!! Go Bucks!!” he tweeted after the game.

Photo by Zach Krupp/Twitter