When DragonCon says they’re the world’s largest fantasy con, they’re not kidding.

With the convention weekend just days away, attendees are taking to Craigslist to see if they can’t take the weekend to live out some of their more personal fantasies.

An Atlanta Craigslist search for “dragon” or “dragoncon” (links NSFW) proves that fantasy geeks are an open-minded bunch. Looking for superhero play with Spiderman? What about a romantic evening with a guy in a bear suit? It’s all here.

Unusual personal ads are not exclusive to DragonCon. Large geek gatherings Comic-Con and Otakon are also known for their fair share.

Colette Bennett, a DragonCon correspondent for CNN’s GeekOut!, said conventions typically give attendees a place to let go of their inhibitions.

“To place a personal ad looking for sexual partners at DragonCon is not only totally normal, it's also welcomed,” she said.

Bennett said that since geeks are on the pop culture margins, they’re more likely to be accepting of their own and other interests, sexual or not.

“The geek community has long faced that they are not like average people, and so for them, it's not hard to place an ad and admit you're looking for a bit of kink, a threesome, or something else considered traditionally ‘wild’ by most people's sexual standards.”

So if you’ve always longed to take a bubble bath with Boba Fett, DragonCon is the occassion to finally post that personal. No judging here.