After spending the weekend inside to avoid the hurricane you've decided those drapes just have to go. No worries! We've got you covered with a source for design ideas!

Design 4 Home, a sleek Tumblr, showcases fancy home interiors from around the world and will give you ample design inspiration.

Step into a sexy Russian penthouse that balances bright light and dark accents or go more traditional with a cozy, yet luxurious, Brussels hotel penthouse that looks perfect to curl up with your Kindle. (Make sure you hover over the arrows on the side of the pictures to see all the pictures.)

Although the blog’s curator is a mystery (the About page doesn’t work) they should be honored they score high in our Dot Rankings. Design 4 Homes scores a 74 in our Dot Score and is the 13th most liked blog on Tumblr.

Get off the couch, turn up a playlist and move some furniture around -- your pad just might turn into a rich oligarch's penthouse and be the envy of your friends.
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