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At least the cops had a sense of humor about it. 

Pro tip: If you're seeking drugs, don't solicit Twitter for help.

"Aspiring mechanic" Sunith Baheerathan, 20, was apparently looking for some pot to get him through the day at a Vaughn, Ontario, auto shop.

Screenshot via Imgur

Baheerathan, who’s Twitter handle trended locally, tried to brush off the incident.

It's not the first time York Regional Police have scolded Twitter users for drug use. YRP told off a Vaughn-area woman named Brittany last year. Oddly, she actually offered Baheerathan some words of wisdom.

Update: On Wednesday afternoon,  CBC News confirmed that Baheerathan was no longer employed by Mr. Lube. He's since deleted his Twitter account. 

H/T Canada.com | Photo via eBay

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