This is the droid the Internet is looking for

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"We had a break in over the holiday and my lifesize R2-D2 was stolen. There will be hell to pay."

People of the Internet: This is the droid you’re looking for. 

A full-scale replica of R2-D2 was reportedly burgled from a home in Central Texas just before Christmas. Accord to the droid’s owner, Chris F. Bartlett, thieves busted the lock on his garage door and stole the much-loved collectable. 

While Bartlett talked to the local police, a friend turned to the Internet’s lost and found and posted a photo of R2-D2 to Reddit. Bartlett also put the word out about the heist on his Twitter account. 


Bartlett has asked anyone who might see R2-D2 pop up on eBay or Craigslist to let him know via his Twitter account, or email him at chris (at) This R2 is a static model, not radio controlled.  

Photo by Chris Bartlett/Twitter 

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