In most places, Craigslist criminals fence cars, steal iPhones or engage in complex real-estate scams. But in WIlmington, N.C. they abduct Pomeranians.

A Wilmington dog owner thought she was taking part in just an everyday Pomeranian-for-cash deal held in the parking lot of a local Food Lion—until the two buyers pulled a knife. “We are not afraid to cut you,” one of the women said, before nabbing the dog and fleeing the scene in their car.

Cops apprehended Teresa Diane Cobbs, 43, and Tamekia Rashelle Smith, 29, shortly thereafter. The women spared the Pomeranian the knife, and police shortly returned the unharmed fuzzy dogball to its owners. Both are in jail on a $20,000 bond. Local news outlets haven't suggested a motive in the heist, nor specifically whether a glamorous Pomeranian coat was in the making

Photo by Mackenzi Kosut/Flickr