A man was arrested and formally cautioned after lying to police and tweeting about it.

The man from Essex, England, told British Transport Police (BTP) someone stole his wallet on a London Underground train, but tweeted soon after that he'd actually left it back at his hotel, according to London24. When it came time to exit the station, he told cops he'd been robbed two stops back.

He seems to have given a detailed description of the fake thief, as he warned any people of Asian origin wearing “a plain black hoody, chinos, white scuffed trainers” to change clothes.

A few hours after his tweets Monday, BTP arrested the 23-year-old on suspicion of perverting the course of justice and he was formally cautioned. A police spokesman said the man had wasted police time due to the false claim and "had the audacity to brag about it on social media."

None of the reports about the man's caution mentioned his name, though we believe we’ve found the individual at the heart of the case. The content of the tweets and the time frame matches the reports. It appears the man reported his forgotten wallet as stolen so he could get through the Underground's barrier system.

Photo by az1172/Flickr