Handsome guy's mugshot goes viral on Facebook

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"He can rob me anytime."

Stockton Police arrested Jeremy Meeks, along with three other alleged criminals this week, on felony weapons charges. The Stockton Police department posted the mugshots to its Facebook page—and then the fun started. 


Meeks' photo has gotten... shall we call it, positive attention. The catcalling was best documented by Reddit with an image highlighting some of the most popular comments, such as: "Oh my god he can rob my house and 'assault' me anytime." 


The compliments continue to pile up ("He holds the key that can open my heart! Won't someone give me the key to open his jail cell?"). Oh, Internet commenters: capable of reducing anyone regardless of background, race, gender, or criminal affiliation to eye candy! 

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Street terrorism: Are you guilty of Jeremy Meeks' crime?


Seriously those eyes though... 

Sorry, I got lost in those baby blues for a minute. 

Looks like Attractive Convict has some competition. 

H/T Uproxx Photo via Facebook/Stockton Police Department

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