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Hank Green youtube red YouTube Red is a serious pay raise for creators, says Hank Green
Those are some dramatic increases in ad revenue.
Davenport, Iowa high school musical Iowa parents illuminate theater stage with phones during outage
The show must go on—even if it means wasting juice.
youtube logo with a dollar bill engraved in it As its paywall offerings go live, YouTube Red meets mixed reactions
And some YouTube users are seeing red in response to this new service.
tfa hishe This is how 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' should've ended
'A dramatic entrance? We don't have time for that!'
Desi Perkins smoked-out wing 5 of the best YouTube makeup tutorials for a date
Who needs a glam squad when you've got YouTube?
A Trip to Unicorn Island 'Dance Camp' and 'Unicorn Island' position YouTube Red as the cut-rate Nickelodeon
YouTube is understandably kicking things off where it knows it already has fans.