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meerkat about to fall off rock Take 7 seconds and watch this sleeping meerkat fall off a rock
For those about to fall off a rock, we salute you.
500 days of summer These are the 10 most overused movie sets in Hollywood
'500 Days of Summer,' meet 'Old School.'
Scooter from The Muppets Eminem mashup proves Scooter is the most underrated Muppet
Kids today don't appreciate Scooter the way they should.
Kurt Hugo Schneider YouTube Sony Music orders Kurt Hugo Schneider YouTube series
'To the Beat' will debut on Schneider’s YouTube channel in 2016.
Justin Bieber has a record 17 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 thanks to YouTube
He just ousted Drake and The Beatles.
dog gopro wedding This couple's wedding video was filmed by their dog
Who needs a videographer when you have a dog?