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Strater family How to destroy an American family
The Straters’ lives have been devastated by relentless cyberattacks. And there’s nothing they can do about it.
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what is piecaken The real origins of piecaken, the Internet's latest dessert craze
Piecaken is about to change Thanksgiving's dessert game. Again.
Movie theater screen 13 movies you can watch for free on YouTube right now
With a little ingenuity and a lot of time on your hands, you can find almost anything on YouTube.


word cloud This extremely popular Facebook app has 17 million downloads and it's a total privacy disaster
Maybe your most used words should be, "better security."
How to attend the Chicago protests live via Periscope
Watch an unfiltered feed of the protests from those on the streets.
abstract art of the google logo Google says bug caused search results to push down competitors
Google says the unfair search results were unintentional.
Chaotic Moon Tech Tats These high-tech tattoos offer the benefits of biohacking without the commitment
Biohacking, like beauty, is only skin deep.
zombie mitsubishi
You can buy this zombie-slaying apocalypse buggy for just $3,000
You can never be too prepared.
illustration of the amazon robot Amazon may have just reset your password, and here's why
The company said it was just a precaution, but turn on two-factor authentication anyway.
Best Buy slashes prices on Apple Watch, iPad, Fitbit for today only
Black Friday starts early at Best Buy.


glitched image of a lock 6 tips to keep your family safe online this Thanksgiving
Working as the designated computer technician can be a drag.
BLM trolls with gun Meet the white supremacists who may have organized the Black Lives Matter shooting
White supremacists planned their trip to a Black Lives Matter protest. Then five people were shot.
a police badge covered in blood Chicago releases graphic video of Officer Jason Van Dyke shooting Laquan McDonald
The officer has been charged with first-degree murder.
Minneapolis police One of 4 suspects released in Minneapolis Black Lives Matter shooting
Police arrested two men but they've yet to be identified.
Two figures parachuting against red background Video purportedly shows militants firing at parachuting Russian pilots
The depicted act is an apparent violation of the Geneva Conventions.
illustration of handcuffs Names of 3 suspects released in Minneapolis Black Lives Matter shooting
A video shows one of the suspects being arrested by a SWAT team at his suburban home.