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Shappy Seasholtz was the surly barkeep at the Bowery Poetry Club in NYC for its first eight years and slam-master & host of their weekly poetry slam, NYC-Urbana. He has toured with Lollapalooza, was featured on season three of HBO'S Def Poetry and has been running the National Nerd Slam for over a decade. He has a book with PENMANSHIP BOOKS called SPOKEN NERD REVOLUTION that covers over 20 years of Shap's slam poetry career. He blogs at and is currently working on his memoirs about growing up in Kettering, Ohio. He collects old Gold Key & Dellcomic books and View-Master reels and watches old Hanna-Barbera cartoons until his girlfriend yells at him to come to bed. He recently moved to Austin, TX to help The Secret Nerd Cabal take over the internet.

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