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What I Look Like When I'm Speechless


Your favorite 'Super Mario Bros' tunes sound incredible on this Nintendo-themed piano
You might need to blow on the keys before playing this piano.
The 7 most dangerous myths about the fight for $15 minimum wage
It's good for workers, good for employers, and good for taxpayers.


abstract art of the HBO logoHere's everything coming to HBO Now in August
Better watch 'Eyes Wide Shut' while you still can.
Cecil the LionWhat really killed Cecil the Lion
What would America do if a citizen of Zimbabwe shot our bald eagle?
Screengrab from a YouTube videoSuper Mario Maker trailer takes a walk down memory lane
A review of past Mario games, and a sneak preview of the Mario games you’ll create in the future.
Google TranslateGoogle Translate can recognize text in real time from 20 new languages
Hold your phone up to translate 27 languages.
Black Lives Matter protestIs Instagram censoring searches for Sandra Bland and #BlackLivesMatter?
On Tuesday night, users who tried to search the tags said they were met with blank screens.
Windows 10 ships with malware loophole
Windows 10 could be more secure.

VidCon 2015

pastel hair teenPastel hair was the literal highlight of VidCon 2015
Soft grunge hair was all the rage.
abstract art of the vidcon logoOf content and controversy at VidCon 2015
Content creation is king—but the biggest YouTube convention around knows change is key too.
themattespinosa dresses in blackface vidconVine star Matthew Espinosa under fire for debuting blackface character at VidCon
He's facing criticism for his actions, but insists he's a 'good person.'
Connor FrantaConnor Franta's new label focuses on music curated by digital influencers
Franta has already tested out the concept.
Vine star Carter Reynolds barred from VidCon
Reynolds controversy continues to grow as he's removed from his hotel room.
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