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The Sky is Shitting on Me . . . And Now the Buildings Are Too.

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Atheism has a Richard Dawkins problem
It's time for Internet atheists to downvote his bigoted views on Islam.
man protesting at a black lives matter rally What we don't talk about when we talk about race in America
For all the chatter about race, we're no closer to being frank and honest.
handgun How to survive a mass shooting
Sadly, this advice seems necessary these days.


Tesla A Chinese company is producing Tesla knockoffs
China's version of Netflix is making China's version of Tesla.
This weather box can deliver a thunderstorm to your living room
Prepare for thunderstorms on demand.
adobe monument mode announcement Adobe's Monument Mode can remove tourists from your photos in real time
This might be the end of tourist photobombing.
Apple's standalone keyboard, mouse, and trackpad no longer need batteries
The new desktops and accessories arrived without so much as a peep.
abstract art of twitter bird Twitter to lay off more than 300 employees
Eight percent of the company's staff is being purged.
Periscope Florida woman arrested after livestreaming her drunk driving on Periscope
Add Periscope to the list of platforms favored by dumb criminals.
snapchat Snapchat gives up on Snap Channel, its first attempt at original content
Other companies are still trying to create content in the app, but Snapchat itself is out of the game.


XM25 Grenade Launcher U.S. Army will add 'smart' grenade launcher to arsenal
This new technology is explosive.
Martin Shkreli New York attorney general launches antitrust probe into Turing Pharamaceuticals
Is CEO Martin Shkreli trying to maintain a monopoly on a crucial drug?
abstract art of planned parenthood logo Planned Parenthood to stop collecting reimbursement for fetal-tissue donations
The women's health group will begin absorbing the cost of tissue donations for medical research.
Erdogan with Twitter logo whispering in ear Newspaper editor arrested for insulting Turkey’s president on Twitter
Turkey's crackdown on journalists continues.
handgun How to survive a mass shooting
Sadly, this advice seems necessary these days.
Blind Justice Statue Study shows the government is letting white-collar criminals off easy
DOJ's prosecutions of corporate criminals have dropped dramatically.