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HIV/AIDS ribbon in hand Online museum launches 'Art Lives' exhibit of artists lost to AIDS
On World AIDS Day, explore these artists whose lives were claimed too soon.
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One thing is for certain: just how uncertain the next season will be.
fists raised in the air, each one illustrated to look like a different social media icon Campus protests can go viral in no time–so can the backlash
College protests don't just take place in the quad anymore.

Planned Parenthood

pro-life propaganda in the streets Planned Parenthood and the dangerous rhetoric of hate
Words can be a powerful tool to spread hatred and violence.
jordan klepper After the Planned Parenthood shooting, 'The Daily Show' defends white Christian men
Finally, someone is standing up for white, Christian men in America.
Robert Dear Planned Parenthood suspected shooter Robert Dear could face death penalty
The suspected shooter appeared in court via video link on Monday.
illustration of three planned parenthood victims Planned Parenthood shooting victims identified by their families
A police officer, a Army veteran, and a mother of two were among those killed on Friday.
PP woman The real story behind this viral Planned Parenthood photo
Ambarie Schiefer had good reasons for giving the bird.
Planned Parenthood protest How attacking Planned Parenthood shames women into silence
Politicians are up in arms about viral videos. Here's what this is really about.
Woman using megaphone Why I tweeted about my abortion
#ShoutYourAbortion is full of important personal stories—including mine.


Virtual Racism, Real Consequences poster This billboard will display your racist Internet comments
What you say has consequences.
Snowflakes 7 gifts for the selfie addict on your list
Buy your friends something they'll actually use.
Bill Gates - Interview | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Bill Gates and his rich friends want to save the world
Is the money of tech billionaires enough to stop climate change?
snapchat Three new, exclusive Snapchat filters will raise money for AIDS prevention
How tech companies are giving back on World AIDS Day.
broken phone There’s a scientific reason you shatter your phone’s screen
Phones have something in common with toast
Sting rocking out The first secure online purchase wasn't pizza or pot, but it totally rocked
An evolution in online shopping.
tv screen with image of the netflix logo Has your Netflix account been acting strange? A hacker may be to blame
Use this tool to see where your logins might be used.