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A bird in a mild climate


john oliver mandatory minimumsJohn Oliver delivers a much-needed wake-up call on drug laws and mandatory minimums
'Prison sentences are like penises. If used correctly, even a short one can do the trick.'


What does the Starbucks cup say: Greg or Corey?
Handwriting only a Starbucks barista could love.
flying boy scoutBoy Scouts end ban on openly gay leaders
The move came after years of activism and national scrutiny.
AirBnB logo patternWhy Airbnb could be making it even harder to find affordable housing
Is Airbnb at all responsible for the rise in housing and rental prices in cities across the country?
Conan Did Conan O'Brien steal this comedy writer's tweets?
San Diego man claims he's the author of four jokes wound up on TV.
Dude pedicureNail salon owner attempts to mansplain away N.Y. Times' nail salon exposé
Sarah Maslin Nir's 'Unvarnished' series has spurred a war of words on Twitter.
The man behind LCD Soundsystem wants to make your commute sound sweeter.James Murphy wants to turn NYC’s subway system into a symphony
The man behind LCD Soundsystem wants to make your commute sound sweeter.

VidCon 2015

themattespinosa dresses in blackface vidconVine star Matthew Espinosa under fire for debuting blackface character at VidCon
He's facing criticism for his actions, but insists he's a 'good person.'
Vine star Carter Reynolds barred from VidCon
Reynolds controversy continues to grow as he's removed from his hotel room.
Adam Levine in the voice chair'The Voice' and 'The Tonight Show' are getting hands-on at this year's VidCon
'The Voice,' 'Heroes Reborn,' and 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' all head to Anaheim.
abstract art of the youtube logoThe 2015 VidCon must-hit list
Here's where you need to be when.
Connor FrantaConnor Franta's new label focuses on music curated by digital influencers
Franta has already tested out the concept.
Ze FrankKatie Couric set to interview Ze Frank at VidCon this month
Old media and new media meet at YouTube creators' biggest convention.
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