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Orthorexia illustration What is orthorexia?
Two researchers are fighting to bring attention to an unrecognized eating disorder.
Illustration of a Muslim Repunlican The plight of Muslim Republicans in the Trump era
Muslim Republicans have worked decades for greater inclusion in the GOP. Now some are questioning their party’s future.


Broken window How Airbnb, Uber, and Lyft rank on privacy protections
How transparency about user privacy helps keep the government honest.
memo from the department of justice with the words blacked out Justice Department spars with Sen. Ron Wyden, ACLU over secret legal memo
The government called a U.S. senator's argument 'wholly erroneous.'
oprah winfrey wearing a trump shirt Donald Trump's dream vice president is Oprah
You get a wall! And you get a wall! And you get a wall!
illustration of the can you not logo Can You Not PAC asks white dudes in politics to just... not
It started as a joke. Now it's so much more.
Uber Uber faces class-action lawsuit over text campaign supporting Austin ballot measure
'It is absurd to imagine that Uber paid individual, living persons...'
Trump Toss by Everyday Arcade Game company says Apple rejected its anti-Trump satire games for being too offensive
Everyday Arcade says it'll share the games on its own.

Happy Mother's Day

Meternity Moms are having none of this 'meternity' stuff
Author comes under fire for calling maternity leave a 'break' for moms.
illustrations of awkward tweets by Nancy Votta My mom has been accidentally subtweeting me for years
She's a master of the secret, shady message.
Brooklyn Decker New mom Brooklyn Decker tweets the terrible truths of pumping
Wine and crying are a necessary part of the process.
Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Chrissy Teigen gets shamed for leaving the house without her newborn
Gasp, she went to dinner with her husband.
Mom Texting When mom is lonely: The Tinder for parent friends
A new generation of apps is making it easier to overcome the isolation of motherhood.
kid wearing a shirt colored like the trans flag Moms of trans kids ask lawmakers to 'Meet My Child' in new video
This Mother's Day, parents of trans kids are speaking out.