The Kernel





The roof, the truth, and the lies

Henry climbed up on the roof, where everything feels right

He can sit and relax, enjoying the cool cloudy night

Mom and dad always said he’d crack his dumb head,

But Henry can see the roof is quite safe, and he’s certainly not dead.

What else have mom and dad been fibbing about?

Every year he gets older, there’s more lies to figure out

Babies don’t come from storks, and Columbus was a hack

The first version of history is always taken back.

Santa, the Easter Bunny, and what happens when we die

Everything he was told first is now an obvious lie

“You can be anything you want, you’re a special lil’ boy”

Henry can picture them all laughing, as he fell for their ploy.

But why do they all lie? Should he stop listening?

‘Cuz, either everyone is just evil… or no one knows anything.

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