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Riding Around at Dusk, Bored of Everything

Tired of her life and living in this place,

Jessabella is sick of everyone and their stupid face.

Riding around doing nothing, it’s the same every night

The sun sets on another day, and it never seems right.

Her longing to leave feels so tantalizing and true,

But with no car and no money, what the hell can she do?

She still needs rides to go to work… or to go anywhere

And her minimum wage checks leave no savings to spare.

So she hangs out with friends just to fill the blank void

Then comes home to her parents house, forever annoyed.

Dumb boyfriends, dumb jobs, life never really moves on

She’s not sure how it’ll happen, but one day she’ll be gone.

Hoping to look back on this time and wistfully reminisce,

Jessabella ain’t sure what she wants, but she knows it’s not THIS.

(Starring the amazing Jessabella of!)

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