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Hack the festival Hack the festival
Rejoice, festival-goers. The best apps, tech, and gear for the perfect festival experience.
Presented by Macy's & American Rag
someone punching another in the face Is social media enabling black girl-on-girl violence?
How much does racism, stigma, bullying, and sites like World Star Hip Hop contribute to this epidemic?


arcade game high score This 'game' lets you literally buy a place on the leaderboard
The real winner is the site's creator.
Samsung If you own a Samsung smart TV, prepare for ads where you've never seen them before
Samsung will be adding more advertising to its TVs main menus in the near future.
Lorenz SZ42 at Bletchley Park Nazi code machine found in shed hits eBay for $15
And it cost just $14.50.
Periscope reporting system Periscope's new safety features will allow users to report, judge, and ban abusive comments
Giving the livestreaming community the power to police itself.

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Civil War poster Save $10 if you pre-order 'Captain America: Civil War' now
It's way better than waiting in line at the movie theater.
AtmosRX vape This vape is designed for wet and dry herb, so you don't have to choose
You can have the best of both vaping worlds.