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You're Pulleying My Leg . . .

I appreciate your preparedness Gary, but I hope it never comes to the point where we need a fishing net and a pulley to get you out of bed.

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The forest amidst the lights and billboards of Times Square The forest amidst the lights and billboards of Times Square Advertisement
Forget the tree that grows in Brooklyn. This ecologist wants to plant a forest in Times Square.
The 12 most iconic weapons in video game history
These are weapons we can't forget.
Phone showing ultrasound image on pregnant woman From poppy seed to pineapple: My adventures with a pregnancy-tracking app
Imagining a whole pineapple inside my uterus really puts this pregnancy thing in perspective.
image of a sex worker on a street The new Scarlet Letter
From Ashley Madison to the raid, slut-shaming has gone viral.


Flash ads will no longer auto-play in Google Chrome
Flash ads are now a thing of the past on Chrome.
image of the new google logo Google just unveiled its first new logo since 1999
The iconic company has a new, modern look.
broken video camera The new wave of wearables fighting state surveillance
High-tech hoodies are the next wave of wearable tech.
An IBM supercomputer will take on China's air pollution crisis
The research project is called Green Horizon.
broken iphone KeyRaider hack steals more than 225,000 Apple logins from jailbroken iPhones
If you have a jailbroken iPhone, your account information could be compromised.
whatsapp ios Meet the Brazil mayor who ran town via WhatsApp and is wanted for corruption
Mayor lived 200 miles away, posted exploits to Instagram.
Instagram logos of varying sizes in sepia tone Instagram just became a way better messaging app
Finally, Instagram has a messenger worth using.


donald trump angrily holding a justice scale Donald Trump in '89: Unshackle cops from cries of police brutality
Donald Trump isn't soft on crime—even when the facts are against him.
POLICE LINE Texas police caught on video shooting man with his hands in the air
Police claim the man was armed with a knife.
Jeb Bush wants you to think that Donald Trump is a Democrat
What else do you call someone who called Rep. Nancy Pelosi 'the greatest'?
Kentucky Clerk gay marriage Kentucky clerk Kim Davis refuses to comply with Supreme Court on marriage licenses
The religious-freedom battle against marriage equality has finally hit the Supreme Court.
protestors at a Black Lives Matter rally Fox News host Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Why isn't Black Lives Matter labeled a hate group?
Hasselbeck's conservative African-America guest agreed with her.
President Barack Obama smiling White House petition wants Obama to drink his own piss
It was only a matter of time.
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