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Gary, I'm not sure how me saying "put the limes out" translates to "give the limes bunny ears and put them in a rock sculpture."

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Donald Trump is right about the Middle East
Believe it or not, Trump has a point about Iraq.
Man using tablet The digital future of work is leaving the poor behind
Telecommuting is putting an end to long commutes—for everyone but those who need it most.


Microsoft's new Lumia phones bring futuristic panache to the mobile game
The Lumia 950 and 950 XL pack game-changing bells, whistles.
A drunk man's assault on a robot raises unusual legal issues
When he kicked a robotic store clerk last month, Kiichi Ishikawa opened up an academic can of worms.
Twitter Lightning bolt How to use Twitter Moments
Get your daily dose of information a whole lot easier.
Microsoft's new Band is more expensive and more comfortable than its first
Microsoft's smartwatch alternative lost weight, but gained a higher price
Microsoft unveils the Surface Book, a true MacBook competitor
Microsoft is launching a hybrid notebook with Apple-like pricing.
Microsoft HoloLens might be the future of video gaming
It's impossible to watch this demo and not want to play with HoloLens right now.


Anetha Butler Black professor under fire for Ben Carson tweet containing racial slur
Butler's remark was likely aimed at the NASCAR culture and not Carson himself.
Mike Huckabee, railing against a corn chip Mike Huckabee calls on Christians to boycott Frito-Lay over Rainbow Doritos
Huckabee once called Americans 'economic terrorists' for boycotting Chick-fil-A.
data system with police members on it DOJ to track U.S. police killings with new open-source system
The effort to track police violence will soon get some major help.
Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton tries to flip the script on Benghazi in first 2016 ad
For Democrats, McCarthy's remarks are the gift that keeps on giving.
Hand holding pen Democrats beat Republicans on Facebook grammar, Grammarly study shows
When you argue about politics on Facebook, everyone loses.
american and european flags transmitting bits of data European court throws out U.S.–E.U. data-sharing pact over NSA surveillance
This could have major consequences on both sides of the pond.
For businesses and government, the race is on to ditch the password
Two-Factor Tuesday and the coalition to evolve our vulnerable, dated logins.