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Not Giving a Hoot . . .

No matter how many times Gary tried to explain the cleverness of his corn/popcorn appetizer, the owl just stared at it, either missing the joke entirely or tool cool to care.

Valentine's Day

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On merging my online self with my IRL self.
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Love's not for everyone.


The Amazing Race contestants Who you should root for on this season of 'The Amazing Race'
Who will come out on top?
illustration of kayne west looking happy Kanye West's 'The Life of Pablo' stars Future, Weeknd, and others
Kanye West makes another unhinged album of the future.
Hashtaggers e online series Celeb-laden E! Online webseries follows the chaotic lives of social media pros
'Hashtaggers' starts the drama, one tweet at a time.
OK Go OK Go returns with extravagant, zero-gravity music video
This probably took a while to clean up.
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This movie was a lot darker than we remember.


CSGO Tempo Storm is getting back into Counter-Strike
This time, they've looked outside of NA.
Origen Origen's head coach leaves after just four weeks in the LCS
It's only been four weeks since his first game.
CLG and TSM rivalry goes to CoD CLG wins rivalry game against TSM—in Call of Duty
The rivalry lives, even in Call of Duty.
Hearthstone G2's single-class Hearthstone tournament is already building buzz
Ahead of the new "Standard" format, others are experimenting.
Crowd inside IEM Katowice 2015 IEM Katowice sells out early entrance passes in seconds
The IEM event is one of the premiere esports events of the year.
Crystal Scar Riot Games is killing the Dominion game mode
After years of neglect, Riot Games is finally shutting the door on Dominion.
twitch logo Twitch users watched 20 billion minutes of videos per month in 2015
League of Legends continues to dominate.