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Lumber Slumber

No need for a sleeping bag, Elaine. Just lay down some thin strips of tree bark on the carpet and I'll sleep like a baby.

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The last days of HitchBOT
How a quirky social experiment was reduced to a pile of trash and viral content.
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Iran.png (1024×512) As elections approach, Iran cracks down on Internet activism with 'advanced' censorship tactics
Many popular censorship circumvention tools have seen a large drop in their connections from Iran.
We dare you to try a recipe from this urine cocktail guide
Good to the last drop.


tesla summon Tesla agrees that its auto-parking feature isn't as safe as it should be
It's a small change, but a safe one.
illustration of jack dorsey Big changes are coming to Twitter—at last
A more perfect Twitter.
Pregnancy Man discovers that his wife is pregnant thanks to Fitbit
Talk about a surprise!
Google is giving away 2GB worth of online storage for free How to get 2GB of free Google cloud storage
You have a limited time to make it happen.

2016 Election

Pregnant woman with question mark on belly #AskAboutAbortion wants Democrats to finally debate this hot-button issue
Abortion has been ignored at all five Democratic debates so far.
berniejumpman Bernie Sanders gets the Michael Jordan treatment with 'Jumpman' logo
He's dunking on the establishment.
The final New Hampshire primary rallies were so much worse than you realize
It was like hell—but frozen over.
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to end 2016 presidential bid
If polling was any indication, Christie never had a chance.
bernie giving a speech Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Twitter-battled over the nature of liberalism
Was Clinton's team feeling the Bern?