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Lumber Slumber

No need for a sleeping bag, Elaine. Just lay down some thin strips of tree bark on the carpet and I'll sleep like a baby.

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Neeko Bonzini
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How Neeko Bonzini’s solar brands are transforming him
The artist uses sunlight and quartz to brand his clients, turning their bodies into works of art. In the process, he’s remaking himself and sending a message to his estranged daughter.
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person using his phone to hear This app will change the way you hear the world Daily Dot Approved
A whole new world.


trump naked Artist behind nude Donald Trump painting claims she was punched by a Trump supporter
'I think violence is disgusting', writes artist Illma Gore.
glaring ted cruz responds to trump on abc news Ted Cruz attacks Trump over Mike Tyson endorsement in Sunday morning political show spree
Cruz attacked Trump while promoting his new running mate, Carly Fiorina.
Hutia, or "Banana Rat" Will Guantanamo become overrun with banana rats?
Going back to nature.
Barack Obama and John Boehner walking through the White House in aviator sunglasses. John Boehner teaches President Obama how to kick back in 'Couch Commander' video
'Yesterday I had a beer at 11:30 in the morning!'
dog with a targeting reticule over it Why was a New York dog walker on an ISIS hit list?
An everyday New Yorker finds out she's on the ISIS hit list.

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Show the Khaleesi in your life some gratitude.
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Don't worry, the Red Wedding candle doesn't smell like what you think it does.