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illustrations of various lgbt BLM activists How 4 Black Lives Matter activists handle queerness and trans issues
An Inside look at how Black Lives Matter centers queer and trans issues.
Coming out online is a new first step before coming out IRL
From Facebook to LiveJournal and everything in between.
Legends of Gaming cast The U.S. version of 'Legends of Gaming' feels like a LAN party in your friend's basement
The titans of YouTube face off in a video game battle to the death.


abstract art of twitter bird Twitter to lay off more than 300 employees
Eight percent of the company's staff is being purged.
Periscope Florida woman arrested after livestreaming her drunk driving on Periscope
Add Periscope to the list of platforms favored by dumb criminals.
snapchat Snapchat gives up on Snap Channel, its first attempt at original content
Other companies are still trying to create content in the app, but Snapchat itself is out of the game.
illustration of a pepsi-themed smart phone Is Pepsi developing a smartphone?
The rumors, like the soda, are bubbling.
Google homepage Man who accidentally bought directs his reward to charity
Google ended up going above and beyond to help a good cause.
Uber Logo Man who robbed a convenience store thought he could escape in an Uber
Need a getaway driver? There's an app for that.
microsoft hololens Microsoft is developing a shared virtual reality experience
Microsoft is mixing it up with mixed reality.


Bernie Sanders Betting markets think Bernie Sanders will get biggest boost from first 2016 Democratic debate
If Sanders isn't the debate's big winner, his candidacy could be in trouble.
Line, Eastern Asia's favorite messaging app, adds default encryption
This is bound to annoy the Chinese government. Will that matter?
jeb bush holding the net neutrality logo Jeb Bush's stance on net neutrality is now a video game
Net Neutrality Blaster Starring Jeb! turns presidential hopeful into video game hero.
Rand Paul Rand Paul tries to grab 2016 attention with an all-day livestream
Get ready for nonstop Rand Paul action!
Screengrab from a YouTube video. Egyptian news host mistakes video game footage for Russian airstrike on Syria
Fact-checkers really ought to read the “show more” section on YouTube.
cockpit Pentagon recategorizes 11,000 Flickr images after copyright-licensing error
Flickr changed the DoD's photographs to 'public domain' over the weekend.
The USB Killer 2.0 is a flash drive that can zap a computer to death
If you see this flash drive, grab your computer and run.