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Strolling through Quartyard San Diego, the new urban piazza Strolling through Quartyard San Diego, the new urban piazza Advertisement
How a Kickstarter project helped create the hippest new hangout in San Diego.
Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton’s evolving response to her private email scandal
Clinton's answers aren't as cut and dry as they were five months ago.
image of a sex worker on a street The new Scarlet Letter
From Ashley Madison to the raid, slut-shaming has gone viral.
'Hannibal' is subverting everything we know about male relationships
Bryan Fuller's serial killer fever dream has evolved a male friendship unlike anything else on television.
The Janoskians The 'Untold and Untrue' story of the Janoskians, YouTube's sweetest pranksters
The Janoskians are redefining boy bands for the YouTube generation.
Ashley Madison Ashley Madison was working on an app called What's Your Wife Worth
This is probably the most chauvinistic app ever imagined.


With Chrome, Google is about to kill off Flash-based ads forever
A faster, safer web is in our future.
Facebook breaks visitor record with 1 billion visitors in a single day
We're entering a new era of connectedness.
abstract art of facebook logo Facebook's human-powered assistant is nothing like Siri
It's like Taskrabbit meets Cortana.
This company is selling ammo designed to take down drones
The line between catchy marketing and corporate responsibility continues to blur.
Tesla Model S Tesla's new car is so awesome it broke Consumer Reports
It scored 103 out of 100, and that shouldn't even be possible.
Lungs This device could let paralyzed people speak by breathing
The computer can turn breath into speech.


Wearable sensor Pentagon to launch $175 million wearable tech program
Industry, education, local governments, and the military join forces.
John Boehner's wind-up monkey claps its way back into our hearts
This is just what we needed on a Friday, Mr. Speaker.
Cell phones screwed to wall Baltimore attorneys will challenge police use of secret surveillance technology
Police failed to disclose their use of tracking devices.
Appeals court overturns major anti-NSA decision
They left the major constitutional issues unaddressed.
AP logos surrounding Department of Justice logo Associated Press sues DOJ over fake story planted by FBI
FBI agent pretended to be an AP reporter.
Ashley Madison logo pattern Ashley Madison hack: ALM CEO Noel Biderman resigns following leaks
'This change is in the best interest of the company.'
Planned parenthood Those Planned Parenthood 'sting' videos were 'blatantly manipulated,' report finds
Experts say they'd be inadmissible in court.
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